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Saved albums not working


Saved albums not working






Google Pixel

Operating System

Android 9 (P)


My Question or Issue

Saved albums is no longer working for me on the Android app. I just get the constantly spinning green circle. Saved songs and artists still works. Also saved albums is still working through the Android Auto integration. I suspect it's since the update to version I received yesterday. I've tried completely uninstalling and reinstalling the app but it makes no difference.


Is this a bug?


Accepted Solutions
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I may have an answer!

Do you have albums by !!! or other artists with strange characters in their name?


I just removed Myth Takes by !!!, as suggested in another thread, and then went back to albums and it loaded immediately!




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Oh, well done thepest! That does indeed address the problem for me. I do have two albums saved by the artist !!!. As others have pointed out, you can't find out by scrolling to the bottom of the saved artists list because then the app crashes. So, here's how to fix it:

  1. In the Android app open saved artists and change the sorting to something other than alphabetical. Or in the desktop app just open saved artists.
  2. Presumably locate any artists with a non-alphabetical character as the first character in their name. In my case, it's just !!!.
  3. Unsave all of the albums you have by them.
  4. Open saved albumns. It works!
  5. Change the sorting of saved albums to something other than alphabetical.
  6. Go back to the albums you've just unsaved, probably by searching for them.
  7. Save them again.
  8. Saved albums still works!

So it seems Spotify have broken sorting for non-alphabetical characters in the Android app. But it can be worked around by removing those saves and/or changing the sorting.

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54 Replies

Yeah same here on Android 8.0. I've deleted the cache and data as per previous recommendations before uninstalling and reinstalling but the issue persists.

Happening with me too. Tried re-installing/clean installation etc. Still no joy. All begin with latest update


Same here. I also cleaned cache, deleted application, reinstalled etc. but when opening 'albums' I see tge green circle rotating. The lists unter 'artists' and 'songs' are working without problem. But I never use these features, only the 'albums'. So I'm finding it quite uncomfortable to handle with actually . 


Windows application and webplayer are showing saved albums without any problem . 

Exactly the same for me, as well.

Reinstall, delete cache, logout/in - no joy.

Add me to the list. Android 9.0 Not able to access albums, green spinning wheel of misery. Tried cacheclearing and reinstalling. Absolutely nothing


Spotify, can you at least acknowledge that your are looking into this please?

I'm paying for a Premium service and expect better customer support.

Thanks in advance.

It's the same for me. Huawei M2, Android 5.1.1

Same problem here. Can you pls look into this @Spotify? thx!!!

Same deal with my galaxy s8.  Artists and albums don’t load, but songs and playlists still work.  What’s up Spotify tech support team???

So I've been in contact with the Spotify Twitter Support and they've tried everything to fix the bug on my phone, but none of all the reinstalling etc. worked. And even after updating the App two more times nothing has changed. 

But I was told that their best tech folks are looking into this problem, so hopefully there'll be a solution soon.


me the same problems.


i did a clean reinstall on my tablet (android 😎 and my honor 5x (emui 4.3).


no albums in library were shown. only the processing circle.


artists and songs and playlists are shown.


desktop player on pc (windows 10) works fine.


spotify app is useless for me now. 😞





I've got the idea it maybe has to do with the filter function. I changed the filter in the Spotify app of a friend from "alphabetical" to "recently added". Now his albums are in order ofv"recently" added, but the filter function disappeared, so he cannot change the order again. In "artists" and "songs" the filter works without problem. 

Before the albums in my app disappeared the filter was set "recently added". How was yours set? 

Maybe this could help @spotifysupport to fix it asap ... 





I'm quite sure I also had "recently added" set, since that's what I usually use.


your hint did not work.

under the album menu no filter accessible.

under songs and artists the filters work.

alway the loading circle in the album section.


i changed the settings - data location - no solution.

i also changed the permissions of the app (data etc.) - no solution



best regards



I too had the album display set to recently added. But, like everyone else can no longer change that. Does seem to be a theme is emerging.

That wasn't meant as an hint, just wanted to share what I observed 😉. So that it maybe cold help to solve that problem. 

Just to report I still have the issue. Had a long conversation with @Spotifycares (an oxymoron handle if I ever heard one) and the last contact I had on the 6th Feb was that "Our best tech folks are on the case as we speak. Hopefully we'll have a fix soon!"


I have heard nothing since

@otra_vez wrote:


Before the albums in my app disappeared the filter was set "recently added". How was yours set? 

My setting for album sorting was also "recently added". The other categories (artist, songs) are sorted alphabetically and still working.

You might be onto something here, as I was also on "recently added" before the problem started.


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