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Saved music missing

Saved music missing

Using a samsung j5 2016 full standard...

Having problems finding saved and downloaded music under "songs" yet am able to see and play them if they are in playlists.. i wish not to create one huge playlist just to include ALL my downloaded and saved music...
2 Replies

Having the same problem. Using Samsung Tab A. And Samsung S5Neo. Also the majority of my Saved artists are missing since this recent update. I don't want to have to follow an artist just to get them to show up in my library. And even when I do follow them and they do show up in the library when I click on the artist it doesn't show what songs I have previously saved from them. Ridiculous. I don't understand how this update is supposed to be more user friendly. What were you trying to accomplish? I used to put all my Saved songs on random/shuffle sometimes and that would help me create playlists. Now many of them appear to be missing and the ones remaining are by song title only. It was very useful to be able to access saved songs via saved artists.

I am having the same issue, using a samsung galaxy s6. I cannot find all my saved music. Defeats the purpose of having premium! Someone help us!

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