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Scroll Behavior Buggy

Scroll Behavior Buggy






Moto G6

Operating System

Android 9


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When I try to scroll in my albums / artists, whatever I touch on the screen is selected immediately. The effect is I cannot scroll down because when I touch anything, whatever I touch is loaded. It doesn't matter if I hold my finger down on the screen it still selects.


Hope this made sense. This is new behavior, it only started a couple days ago. Any input would be appreciated.



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Hey there @UsernameAlready,

Thanks for turning to the Community. We'll gladly help you out!

We suggest that you do a clean reinstall of the app, you can follow the steps listed here. Usually this solves such issues. If that doesn't do the trick we recommend that you check if there are any available updates for your device and whether the app has all necessary permissions. It's also a good idea to turn off battery optimization for Spotify.

Hope this helps. Keep us posted.

Have an awesome day!

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