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Search bar does not work

Search bar does not work






Samsung Galaxy 6 

Operating System



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 The search function does not work.  It just gives me an error.  I already uninstalled and reinstalled the app but it did not help.  When I searched for this problem i found a lot of complaints about this but no solutions that weren't just to reinstall it (the app equivalent of "did you try turning it on and off again?")                                                           I also don't see where Spotify provides any technical support to its (many of them paying) customers that isn't just "here is a community board.  Figure it out yourself."     I have had Spotify premium for years and have always loved it but I might have to start looking for a different music app.

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Hey @Francescafiore, welcome to the Community.


Hope you are doing great!


The issue with Search function is fixed now so it should work for you.

Let me know if you have any other questions 😉


Have a nice day 🙂


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