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Search displays only 5 of 33 albums. How can I find the other 28?

Search displays only 5 of 33 albums. How can I find the other 28?

I like to use Spotify to find classical albums I don't know yet. Spotify finds for instance 33 albums searching for the combination Bach (composer) and Gardiner (a conductor known for good recordings). But, my portable Spotify on android displays only 5 albums. How can I search for all 33? Another example: I'd like to hear the Weihnachtsoratorium from Bach, which can be found searching "Bach 248". Spotify has 20 different recordings. That's great, amazing actually. Only, my portable spotify finds only 5 none of which I'd like to hear. How can I scroll between all albums on Spotify for Android?

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Mobile search is limited unfortunately. You can sometimes work around it by being more specific in search terms you use. Alternatively you could try using searchify in your web browser. I use it sometimes on my tablet but it would probably be tough going on a 4" screen. It does seem to return all results with clickable links which launch in the spotify app.

Not possible in the Android app. This Spotify Idea is on this problem. Please vote there to make Spotfiy staff notice it.

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