Sony Xperia SP LED notification light

Sony Xperia SP LED notification light



As some of you may know, the Sony Xperia SP has a 3 LEDS on its bottom that can change their colours and the intensity of light to what's happening on the screen. Sony even put this on another level and when listening to the music on default Xperia player LEDs act like an equalizer, lighting in the rhythm of the music.


How was I startled when I player a song from spotify for the first time and the LEDs played along the music! In fact, their color was red (dunno why) but it doesn't matter. I found it cool, until I had to restart the phone. After the restart the LEDs stopped working with spotify. And I didn't change any setting at all!


Anyway, to get to the point - was it a bug or is it possible to make notification LEDS working woth Spotify Player on Sony Xperia SP? If there's no way - can I and other owners of Xperia SP believe that in near future The Brave Fellowship Developers In Service Of Her Majesty Spotify The Great will add comatibility between Spotify and Xperia SP leds?


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