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Search function does not work within playlist

Search function does not work within playlist

Hi all


First post here, so if this is a known issue please direct me to the thread.


I am running Spotify on a Samsung Galaxy s8 with all up to date software.


As of about 2 weeks ago, the search function within a playlist does not work. 


Say I'm in one of my playlists. I type "Bruce Springsteen" using the search bar at the top of the screen, and it will show all the Bruce Springsteen songs within that playlist. However, when I select one of these songs, it will just play another song within my playlist. If, for instance it is the first song in the search, it will only play the first song in the entire playlist.


This means I cannot search within my playlists at all. 


I have deleted the cashe and reinstalled Spotify 3 times now, along with my 40gigs of downloaded playlists. It is getting very frustrating.


Any suggestions?

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This is so frustrating. I'm having the same problem also please fix this Spotify 


Same here, huawei honor 8 

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