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Search history on Andriod

Search history on Andriod

After the last update on the android app, the history disappeared and what I have searched on after the update is not being saved in the history. So no history at all, is this a bug or is the new version like this? Really want my search history

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Looks like it's gone. I'm not sure if this was by design or accidental but I'll ask the staff.

Cool, thanks

I'd also like to know about this--hopefully it was a mistake and will be added back shortly.

Have the same problem and voice search is also no longer available.

I've bumped the escalation on this to see if there is any news for you guys 😉 



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I would also like to know why this was pulled. It was nice to have.

Agree. I tried a facebook link as well. It seems that's busted too.

We don't know it was pulled, it could just be a bug.

@INPALA wrote:
I would also like to know why this was pulled. It was nice to have.


Bring it backkkk pleaseeeee. Like what you guys did with discover 🙂

Same here !


I can't believe it's a feature, it must be a bug 😞

After my latest update for my Samsung Galaxy IV when I enter in a band in my search tab, it no longer stores the name of the band and I have to re-type it in.  Is there anyway to get back to the way it was before?

It looks like a spotify bug which they are looking into.

Any updates to this?  There's a new version out, and this seemingly hasn't been fixed yet.  It's silly.

I'll ask 🙂

Hey everyone! I can confirm we've passed this on to the right folks and they're aware of the issue. 


When we have any sort of update we'll post again here. Thanks for your patience while we look into this!

I've been a Spotify user for years and a Premium user for...well, I don't even remember, but a while. I've always been a Spotify evangelist, even before it was available in the U.S., telling friends, family, random passers-by on the street, how much I loved it and they should subscribe.


This history problem annoyed me since the moment it happened. For one, since there's no convenient "all songs" tab on Spotify (something we've been asking for since the beginning of time), I've always just gone back to the search, typed in the letter or two of the band I've wanted and called it up. I'd often then call up an obscure band I hadn't listened to in a while, which would send me down a new rabbit hole discovering bands. It was great. 


Now, I have no idea what songs I've listened to or which bands I've discovered, except for the few I saved as playlists. Obviously I would have done much different if I knew you were going to TAKE features away. Instead, I'll forget all about them, which sucks. It took a MONTH for someone to respond to say they heard about this? You've had several updates since and no word on WHY this was taken out. Is it a bug? Was it on purpose (I can't imagine to what end)?


How many more months until you actually respond to WHY and then promise to fix it "in a future update," leaving you open to fix it without lying at any point before the universe is a dying husk of floating particles? I'm no programmer, but unless the functionality was broken (and this wasn't 3D particle shading, it was a drop down menu that a first-year, or first-day, Java student could probably write), it should be easy to just reactivate. 


I apologize for this rant, but this was a feature I used every single time I used Spotify, and I was waiting a reasonable amount of time for an "Oops, we're sorry, it's back!" Now, when I'm stopped at a stoplight, I can't press on the menu bar, type in a random letter and get a band I'd listened to, I'm stuck trying to type out a whole band name (that my phone of course wants to autocorrect). I'd just love to know the reasoning this went away or why it's apparently so hard to reinstate. 


I hate that I let my Google All Access early bird rate go since I was so pleased with Spotify (and paying for both was dumb), because I'd absolutely postpone my subscription until it's fixed. Now I'm just left waiting for who knows how long. All I know is that I'll no longer be telling people how great Spotify is and won't be too disappointed if I decide to go back to Google Music.




Just a couple of things which you might not be aware of and which may help ease the pain a little.


You mentioned there was no "all songs" tab. Collection which is in beta testing includes an "all songs" list. If you want to try a feature which still has some rough edges, sign up for the beta. Alternatively, you can put all playlists into one folder. Whn you select the folder, you will then have an "all songs" option.

First time post.  Quick question, before on my Samsung Galaxy SIII using Spotify when I would use the search on top, a list would appear of what I've recently searched.  Did this disappear or is there anyway for it to show up?


The really bad pic hopefully shows what I'm talking about.




@Nakkekoteletter Welcome. I moved your post to the relevant thread. You'll see this has been reported to Spotify.

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