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Search history on Andriod

Search history on Andriod

After the last update on the android app, the history disappeared and what I have searched on after the update is not being saved in the history. So no history at all, is this a bug or is the new version like this? Really want my search history

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If you browsed through this thread, you would have seen this post by a staff member. There has been nothing new since then. You can always use the contact form to get a direct response from spotify.

At the very least, I like his enthusiasm. However, hopefully we have different definitions of the word "urgent." We're, what, two months now from it being removed and they haven't even told us if it was intentional yet? Please just acknowledge it's a bug or not, so we know whether to stick with Spotify....


Hi all,


I too am frustrated by this, but have a workaround for the time being.
The latest (old) version I can find with the working search history is, I think this was released sometime in August 2013.

The only downside will be, you have to disable auto updates on the playstore settings, which isn't too bad to be honest.

You can google for it or use the link below


Let me know how you get along 🙂

I've read through the thread and understand this is a known issue. Every time a new update downloads (like today or the 6 previous updates since we lost search history) I have my fingers crossed that a fix is included. No go. I'm with the rest of the comments here, I used the search history daily and it's a significant loss in functionality in my opinion. It seems if this was just an inadvertent omission it would have been a quick fix. If you feel the same make your voice heard to spotify and let's get this fixed!

Thanks for that link to the older version. I don't think I'm personally going to use it, because I know when/if they finally do announce whether they're going to fix this or not, it will remove anything I have saved when I update to that version (though I guess if they announce they'll never add this back in, it's the best move). 


But I'm glad you guys registered just to post here and are just as frustrated as the rest of us. I, too, get excited whenever there's an update, thinking there's no way they'll have missed it this time.


As that older version shows, we've been dealing with this for FOUR MONTHS! It's crazy. We're not asking for a lot here, just clarification if this was an intended change and whether it's going to be fixed in the future. We're not asking for immediate resolution (that ship has long since sailed), we just want the company to acknowledge how big an issue this is. One response in four months saying that you're aware of it is poor customer service, even for a minor complaint. This is a huge complaint that has caused at least several dozen people to search out these forums and make a post about it. There have to be hundreds, or thousands, out there who are just as annoyed but haven't thought to post here. 


Again, I encourage everyone who wants to see this changed back to post here. Eventually, Spotify, I will stop posting in this thread, but it won't mean you've "won," it'll mean you've lost another customer due to your inability to respond to your community.


I heard that this functionality doesn't exist on iPhone. If it's true, I'm afraid they removed it as a "race to the bottom" with the other versions of the app. But why ? It's not like there could be any licensing problems or any good reason for such a choice....

Hmm, I haven't tried it on iOS. That's interesting, does anyone else have any insight on this, whether the feature used to exist and got pulled, or whether it was never there? Again, I can't imagine a single reason for them removing it. This is something that annoys me several times a day. I've been using Spotify less (which is obviously no problem for them, except for boasting user-engagement numbers). I've decided that I can't wait around for six months for Spotify to do so much as ANSWER WHETHER THIS WAS INTENTIONAL OR NOT, so if we don't hear something in two weeks, I'll be canceling my subscription, as others have already done. And I will certainly not recommend Spotify any longer to friends.


I don't think it was removed on purpose - more likely to be sloppy programming but you can always use the contact form to try and find out more.

Still waiting for spotify to bring back saved searched history. Any word? Honestly spotify has really regressed in its ability to be superior to its competition. It went from being a wealth of information discovering music to a hassle and disappointed. Thanks. 



I don't think there is any new news on this topic, this seems to be the last official post. Keep an eye out on this thread for updates (you can subscribe to it by clicking "Topic Options" and then "Subscribe"), hopefully something new will be posted by a member of staff, i will escalate it one more time just to make sure they haven't forgot about it 😛 Also, add your Kudos to this post. 

Hope this helped 🙂

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@adrianruss1 I'm merging this into the main thread.

This issue has been ongoing for more than four months.


This impacts every Android user and is a massive source of frustration and inconvenience.


It was removed without notice, so no one could properly prepare for it if they wanted to.


It has been escalated numerous times and Spotify is "aware" of the issue (and has been for several months). 


Spotify has not only refused to fix the problem, they STILL have not even said whether it was intentional or not (thus whether we should ever hope for a fix).


I'm afraid the only reason is that Spotify has disturbingly little regard for customers, no matter how much they try to hype the sense of community. In fact, the bonuses offered for community activitsts seems more and more transparent as a way to justify having little or no support staff. It's a lot easier to bribe users with freebies that cost the company nothing than actually working to resolve issues from paying customers. 


This is pathetic. What is the point of having these forums if you don't even have paid staff monitoring them to see what the big issues are? Why have comment boxes that result in no further action being taken? In the time since this feature was first removed, nearly the entire Snowden/NSA scandal played out, with a presidential committee being appointed, doing a study, issuing a report, and having some recommended actions implemented. The notoriously slow U.S. government was able to do all that before Spotify could let us know if a majorly important feature removal was intentional. I'm happy to look at other streaming services now, their customer interaction can't be worse.




New forum user here, long time Spotify user. How sweet wasn't the days when you could sit down in your car, start the engine, and then put on your favourite music on the stereo using Spotify. Before I rolled out into the streets (safety first of course), I always brought up my search history to find all my favourite artists and songs. Just because some moron at Spotify seemed to think this was a good idea, I'm loosing half a minute of my sweet precious time every morning. 'Cause I have to do a new search every friggin' morning! Half a minute a day! That's 2,5 minutes a week, TEN minutes a month. Ten minutes where I could have been at work bringing home the dough for my family and tax money for all my fellow human beings (except the programmers at Spotify with five thumbs). I should get Spotify for free because of this mess.


Bring back the search history! I will leave your asses for WiMP. How hard can it be? A new version was out on january 17, but still no change. I went back to my old october version again, but it stings to not have the new shiny login page. It's nice that you're focusing on the right stuff!

I'm sorry this has dragged on so long guys. I'm still chasing Spotify for news on this and the latest is that it is still with the developement team. I'm waiting for 0.7.5 released today to appear for me on Play. If anyone already has it, could you please confirm if search history is still missing, thanks.

I can confirm : the search history is still missing in the new release.

Unfortunately, the development team seems very slow to fix this bug/feature/whatever 😕 

I wonder if it's the same for others bugs or if we are very unlucky 🙂

Of course there was no update on this, it was foolish to think they'd do a simple fix on a six month old problem. They will most likely give another update in a month or two telling us that they're aware of the problem (still) and that it's a priority that will be addressed in an upcoming update. Then they will go dark for another four months. Then they will either tell us it's not coming back, there was a technical issue with reinstating it, or something like that. We would be idiots to assume anything else at this point.


But congrats to Spotify for adding tour information for artists, instead! I'm sure that has nothing to do with trying to wring additional revenue out of subscribers. The truth is that Spotify has more competition than ever (I'm defintely going to check out Beats and would be happy to switch) and is trying to get grow their total numbers so they can compete on volume and market share. Paid subscribers' money will be a pittance if they can get tens of millions more signed up for basic streaming, throw in some ads, and increase ancillary revenue streams (such as their cut of ticket sales). 



I'm thinkink about subscribe to an other competitor, but I don't know which one yet. Maybe Deezer. At least their app has a search history 😄

Let me know how it goes! I'm also looking for new services now. Would love to hear from people who have experience with the competitors. I've tried Google All Access, and it's good and I like unifying my music, but it frequently skips (using RAZR MAXX HD), which is annoying. Anyone tried Beats? I hadn't heard of Deezer, but it's not available in the U.S. yet (though neither was Spotify when I started using it...).


I am hoping someone from Spotify tries to shut us down for comparing competitors in this thread, so please keep them coming. It would mean they actually acknowledged us!


Ahaha, I had the same thoughts in mind when I started to talk about other apps !

I was pretty sure Deezer was finally available in US... But you don't miss a lot, their library is smaller than Spotify and the app's design is bad.

In my country, we miss a lot Pandora, I remember that as a very powerful radio app. In fact, it's something I hate about Spotify (maybe even more than all that search history saga) : ask Spotify to generate a radio from your music, and it create a loop of 5-6 songs... In Pandora, you can discover music that are similar to a song, an artist... in a more accurate way than Spotify.

Do you know a trick to make an export from your Spotify's playlists to an other service ? I wish I could keep mine before trying anything else.


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