Search in offline mode

Search in offline mode


Hi I just wonder if you can in some way search in my offline list or sort it( artist ,name of the CD and some on )  like on the computer ?  It would be vary handy cause my playlist is 1000+ and its hard as hell when you want 1 song and you can't search online..

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I was just coming here to ask exactly the same question. Would be really handy to search offline, it's fine when you know which playlist a song is in and what it's called; but when you can only remember the partial title it's really hard to find.


I have the exactly same issue. I can't even count how many times I've gotten an earworm stuck in my head and needed to scroll through my playlists just to find a song.


Having offline search would be immensely useful. Especially since there is no "Browse by" type of option that allows you to browse by all the artists, albums, etc. on your device.


Really Spotify? Are you not gonna address this issue? They asked this question almost a full year ago. It can't be that hard coding a small search tool for offline playlists into the software, can it? It could be a perk for paying customers or something, all i know is it would create revenue in addition to pleasing your customers.

Sincerely Joacimhs

I'm a new user. Was this ever resolved?


Yes. From any screen displaying your music, drag down to reveal the filter options. Set this to only show downloaded music first, then you can type into the filter to show the music you're looking for.



is there any way to search among all the playlists  ? the flter tool is usefull only within one playlist...




You can filter the "Songs" section to show just downloaded music and either scroll or type into the filter to find a particular song.


No such option on desktop app, quick means millions of hybrids and laptops, ie mobile. How many years to implement?


Edit: Can see how it works now. Search should workmin more than songs list though 

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