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Searching for tracks queues up rest of album on Desktop, but not on Android

Searching for tracks queues up rest of album on Desktop, but not on Android

On the desktop version of Spotify, if I search for a track and select one from the search results, it opens up the album view of that track and but doesn't start playing. If I double-click the song in the album view, I can then play the track and queue up the rest of the album accordingly. 




In Android though, if I search for that track and choose it from the search results, the song starts playing immediately -- and the generated queue is the rest of the search results. 




In this example, after the song ends, the playback stops (unless I had placed something in my queue previously). If there had been other tracks with similar names in the search result after the one I had chosen, then those completely unrelated tracks would have played instead. This is pretty inconsistent behavior (and not really useful IMO) -- although the instant playback from search results is helpful on mobile, I think it should queue up similar to the Desktop version, by queueing the album in the background. 

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