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Secrets Of A "Play Next" Button

Secrets Of A "Play Next" Button

How about a feature that plays a song you selected, immediately after the track already playing and ignore what may be next on the current playlist or album?

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Hey @AndreasMelhede


Thanks for reaching out about this here in the Community. 


We moved your post from the Ideas board to the relevant Help Board, where it fits better.


You can choose what you'd like to listen to next by adding it to the Play Queue. You just need to follow these specific steps.


If you have any questions, just let us know 🙂

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Thank you for sharing,  Eni.

So, what if you have 10, 100, or 50 songs in the queue? How does this solve my idea? 🙂

Hey @AndreasMelhede,


If you're referring to songs that you've already added to the Queue, but you want a specific song to play immediately next the one currently playing, you can move that song to the top of the Queue by dragging it so it'll play next. You can find how to do so in the article that @Eni shared above.


Hope this clears things up. The Community is here if you need anything else.



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Not exactly.

Imagine this situation:

You are listening to a playlist of yours and suddenly your friend suggests that you play "As" By Stevie Wonder, which is not on your playlist. This is a beloved song that you haven't listed to in a while, so you want to listen to that song, but you simply want to go straight back to your Queue straight after. Now, where is that button on Spotify to fulfill that desire of yours?

Hi again @AndreasMelhede,


That's exactly what the Add to Queue option does. If you're listening to a playlist of yours and want to listen right now to a song that is not in the playlist, but you want to continue with the playlist after that one song, you just need to add that specific song(s) to the Queue and it'll play right after the currently playing song ends. Then, when the selected song ends, your playlist will continue to play in the same order it was before, so the original queue will be unaffected.


To add a track to the Queue, just follow these steps:


For mobile:

  1. Tap  (iOS) /  (Android) next to the track you want to add.
  2. Tap Add to Queue.

Tip: On iOS, you can also swipe right on a track to add it to your queue.


For desktop:

  1. Right-click the track you want to add.
  2. Click Add to queue

Remember to take a look at this article, where you'll find more info about the Play Queue.

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Doesn't exactly satisfy the user. I understand what the problem is because I just came here from using the spotify app right now and I was facing this issue. If you queue playlist together and you add another song to the queue afterwards it goes to the bottom of the queue and you have to drag that song through hundreds of other songs just to get it to play next. Meanwhile a play next button would easily solve this problem. Other platforms have it and its very efficient. 

I agree with the request. It’s so annoying to “Add to queue” and then move the song up throughout a long list (more when the speed of movement is so slow). 

+1. "Add to queue" puts it at the bottom, and dragging to the top is cumbersome. The "Add to queue" function should be split into two unique functions: "Add to end of queue" and "Play next" to put it at the very top regardless of how long the queue is.

I agree, we need to do a "Play Next" in this. It's one of my favourite features in old windows media player. 

Was looking for exactly this feature when I stumbled upon this thread. A „Play next” button is an overdue feature. Tidal, Apple Music, Deezer and even the Sonos app have this. Wouldn’t be that difficult to implement imo 

Clearly we do not understand why Spotify developers do not pay attention to this detail, which for me and apparently for others, is of high importance. Perhaps, the more people comment on this issue, the more they will have to look at it 👈.

I'm telling you why. Because these moderators are either dumb or don't understand plain English. There's a very clear difference between "Play Next" and "Add to Queue" (which always adds songs to the bottom, not the top). Instead, they are playing stupid with us and acting disrespectfully towards Spotify's Community, making everyone look like idiots for insisting on "features" that do exactly what users are asking for, which obviously is incorrect.

Well, CarlosE should be fired immediately as he doesn't seem to understand what we are talking about, or he doesn't have the ability to comprehend English. Even though other members have explained in simple terms the differences between "Play Next" and "Add to Queue" and provided examples from Apple Music, Tidal, YouTube Music, Deezer, etc., he is still insisting on mocking us with this hilarious reply: "That's exactly what the Add to Queue option does".


We all want to speak with a manager.

A beginner software developer or maybe some guys from the competition will show them how to implement the famous "Play Next" option.

It's simply ridiculous.

Screenshot_20230414_102630_Apple Music.png

Mod- are you high? Other platforms like You Tube Music have this "Play next" option in the 3 dot menus or when selecting a track. 


Nobody wants to do all the work you said about resorting the Queue. 


Why Spotify doesn't have this is why I will be cancelling after my trial and going back to YTM, even though you have some other features I think are really cool..


This isn't rocket science

It's a play next button for gosh sakes.

Seriously. Let me code it. I'll figure it out. 

Seriously? from 2021? it's obvious they have no regard for user requests. I didn't expect Spotify would even let us ask for this feature. I'm unsubscribing.

User: "Hey, this feature would be useful."

Mod: "We already have that feature. You just have to do X, Y, and Z."

User: "But I want to do it in one step."

Mod: "You can already do that. You just have to do X, Y, and Z."

User: "Yes, but I want to do it in one step."

Mod: "You can already do it. You just have to do it in three steps."

User: "But that's not what I'm asking for???????????????????"

Just chipping in so hopefully some mods can see this again. Add a "Play Next" button, please. I wouldn't be surprised if you are losing subscribers to your competitors because of this. I've even considered switching and would have if it weren't such a hassle.

What makes this all the more frustrating is Spotify used to have this feature and they took it away. Please bring it back! 

Yep. I literally just switched back to Apple Music last week because of this. I have other frustrations with Spotify's app (why is it so annoying to display a list of all the songs in my library??), but the lack of Play Next is the straw that broke the camel's back.

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