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See music on phone but won't play and doesn't appear on Windows App

See music on phone but won't play and doesn't appear on Windows App

In particular the artist Jason Cruz and Howl, album Good Man's Ruin. It shows on my phone the entire album greyed out and won't play. When I go to search for it on the windows program it doesn't even show the artist. Did someone forget to pay the bills and Spotify dropped their music and I have a ghost of an album formerly saved to my phone?? Bring it back. It's a great album.

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Sounds like the artist/label removed the album from Spotify. They sometimes do this and if Spotify receives a request to take a particular artist or album off then they must do this else they will be in breach of contract.

Unfortunately this is a decision made by the artist or their representation and not something Spotify can or want to do (Spotify would love to have every album by every artist available).

Please use the search feature before posting a problem/bug/idea.
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Music was up, then down, then up, then down. This Spotify help is the worst service ever. It does not answer anything. 

Problem: I can navigate to an artist (Jason Cruz and Howl) and sometimes the albums show, sometimes they do not, sometimes they do then just disappear. Just put a button that says "report a problem" then i could just click that and highlight the exact page that has the problem instead of coming to an arbitrary forum that has no connection to the problem. dumb. 

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