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Seeing the "no internet connection" when phone has 4G service and bars

Seeing the "no internet connection" when phone has 4G service and bars

I've had Spotify for three years now and have never had an issue until two days ago. I have Verizon and live in an area with 4G service. I use Spotify in my car while driving to work and recently it will only play one or two songs before it says it has no internet connection. I've shut it down, restarted the phone, uninstalled the app and cleared all the data and cache and nothing is helping. This has never been an issue until now and I dont want to continue to pay for premium if it's always going to be offline. Are there any suggestions on what to do?


I have a Galaxy S5 running the KitKat software.


Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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I see this alot on my Galaxy S4 aswell. I do not know if you are affected by the same issue that I am, but on my phone, this only happens when both 3G/4G and Wifi is enabled at the same time. As Spotify usually prefers using Wifi, it will try to use any Wifi available if it finds one. What you can try to do (which I do, with great success) is to disable Wifi when you are not within the range of a Wifi you actually want to use. The issue might arise because you are driving past Wifi zones which the app is trying to connect through - but fails.


Atleast - I guess it cant make things worse 🙂

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