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Seem to have lost my liked from radio playlist

Seem to have lost my liked from radio playlist



Just noticed recently I no longer see my "Liked from Radio" playlist in My Music.  I've checked on the website that there are no playlists that I've accidentally deleted.  Not sure if it was caused by me subscribing to someone else's liked from radio playlist and it's gotten confused?


How do I go about getting it back, as I had quite a few songs in there that I hadn't starred.


I have the Android App version


Hopefully this is where I ask this question to - I was looking for a way of contacting Spotify directly but couldn't find it.



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Try following the instructions in this post to recover playlists:


Hope this helps, 


Thanks for replying. I have all my other playlists so I don't think it's an account issue. It's just the one special one. I'm not sure it was around the time that the interface changed to my music rather than my playlists. Or if that's just a coincidence.

Never mind. I completely missed that it was filtered to only show offline account. For some reason scrolling through the other my music screens highlighted the filter.


I would delete this thread but I can't see an option to.

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