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Selecting a new song in a playlist turns off shuffle and repeat

Selecting a new song in a playlist turns off shuffle and repeat

Every time i pick a song on a playlist, it turns off shuffle and repeat, even if I'm using my phone to control my desktop app. Is there a way I can make the functionality go back to when it remembered that shuffle or repeat was on instead of having to turn it back on every time?

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Hi there,


Here's what happens. Should you enable Shuffle Play, then select a song manually in the playlist or album, this automatically disables shuffle play. 


However, though tedious, you can always select the now playing bar at the bottom of your screen, and turn on shuffle/repeat once more. In this way, when you select a song manually, it no longer overrides or disables shuffle play/repeat. Only if you disable shuffle/repeat via the now playing bar.


Best regards, 


So, do I need to hit "Shuffle play" first to get it to stop overriding? Because, no matter what, selecting a new song in the playlist overrides shuffle being turned on. I've reenabled shuffle countless times over the past few days, and its constantly turned off if I select a song manually. And it overrides the desktop app as well. No matter what, shuffle is always needing to be reenabled despite that not being the functionality for nearly 3 years now. Why the sudden change?

I've been having the same issue for the last week. This method does not work. Shuffle continues to shut off. I'm using spotify on a Galaxy S8+.

Exactly this! Why change how shuffle works? It really frustrating every time it shuts off...

Hi, if the above fails, then try the tips outlined in this article: What To Do When Spotify Shuffle Play Is Not Random


I also have this problem on my Galaxy S9+. It's been annoying. Has never happened to me before. I even have a bug displaying my account number on the top of any track I play from my own playlist. 

"Should you enable Shuffle Play, then select a song manually in the playlist or album, this automatically disables shuffle play."



This sounds like a developer got his way this is a feature not a bug arguement. Let's be clear, This is a bug. Previous user experience was that save state of those buttons would not get overwritten when a new song was manually selected. 


Please revert back, or fix the bug issue. 

Its for sure a bug, because it went away and came back, and it doesnt affect everyone. My roommate uses Android as well and doesnt have this problem. Please can we turn this "feature" off, or at least give us the option to turn it off? Its annoying to have to turn it back on every single time

Glad to see I'm not the only one experiencing this.


Personally I don't see any point to turn off the shuffle and repeat buttons after selecting a new song, so if the devs could either fix this or if someone knows ifa setting to change it back, that would be great 🙂

This has started happening to me too only in the last few days, Sony Xperia L, and its super annoying. Tired of having to turn shuffle back on any time I decide to pick a specific song. Time to cancel my sub and go back to my old faithful mp3 player, never overwrites my preferences AND it has Joanna Newsom. 

So it may be a data cache issue for accounts that have been logged in for an extended period of time. Logging out and logging back in has cleared the issue for me, and it's been a few days since my last update. 


it's still a bug issue though. 

I have the same issue, Samsung S7. 


Every time i select a song, the shuffle and repeat options turn off


I cleared cache and reinstalled the app, still having this issue

running a lg g5 with android 7.0

A couple of days ago i found my S7 having the same problem..

Same problem here, just got a new S9+ so I figured that must be the problem but guess not. I've always been a die hard Spotify fan but this might be a deal breaker for me if it doesn't get fixed. 

Tried logging out and back in, didn't work. Shuffle and repeat still disable whenever I select a song. Using a Samsung Galaxy Note 8

I have the same issue on S7 Edge. Logging out and clearing cache had no effect.

This issue is for certain in the app itself, Reddit is full of these threads. I'll give them a month to fix it. 


If not fixed, Apple Music will have 4 new subscribers. 🙂

It's mindblowing that Spotify would implement this, unless it's a bug. I can't believe a company as big as Spotify doesn't have user testing or any kind of UX. Mind-boggling

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