Settings Keep Resetting

Settings Keep Resetting

Plan: Premium

Country: United States


Device: Samsung Galaxy S6

Operating System: Android 7.0

I've noticed that whenever I reopen the app I find that some of my settings and options have reverted to their default settings. Most often it is Streaming Quality reverting to Automatic and Download Quality resetting to Normal. Other preferences  like Autoplay and Behind the Lyrics options, as well as Shuffle and Replay options in the player also change from what I had set beforehand.

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Yes i have the same issue...thought it was because i was changing settings in the windows 10 spotify app. I have a samsung galaxy s6 also but in the UK. 😕

Mine started about a week ago and on all my playlists I had them all set to all repeat and shuffle and now if I select a new song or exit spotify it resets and just goes in order. Has anyone found any work arounds?! 

Unforntunatly i have no workaround. i have this issue too though

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