Show only local devices does not work

Show only local devices does not work







Nokia 8 

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Android 9


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i activated "Show only local Devices" in the settings, but nontheless my smartphone shows the music playing on my PC while on mobile network connection. So they are definitly not in the same network and Spotify isn't even opened.

This uses a lot of mobile data. The background data usage is every month higher then the foreground data usage!! Please fix that, when show only local devices is activated there shouldn't even be background data transfer from the mobile app with the server.


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I know this is an old thread but I just recently discovered that my Marantz AVR supports Spotify Connect and it's super awesome. No more running a long cable from my phone to my receiver, or, God-forbid, dealing with BT (man, I hate BT). The problem I'm having is how Spotify determines what a "local device" is.


I just found the "Show local devices only" toggle in my Android phone app Device settings and thought that was a pretty good idea, so I turned it on. Suddenly it stopped seeing my Marantz AVR, which is definitely in my LAN -- it's wired directly into my router even, with a static IP address. The other odd thing is that my in-laws' Roku now showed up, which is part of our extended network via a Verizon FiOS wifi network extender (they live in our basement apartment and we all share one FiOS account). So I turned off the 'Show local devices only' toggle and my Marantz AVR came back and the in-laws' Roku disappeared.


All these devices are on the local network, so what gives??

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