Can't disguise player "notification" when listening on PC

Can't disguise player "notification" when listening on PC







OnePlus 7, Mi A1

Operating System

Android 10, Android Pie


My Question or Issue

Until last week, when Spotify decides to "wake" on the phone while I'm listening on the PC, it shows the player in the notifications menu even if the app is not open (and it's quite annoying for me), but I was able to disguise that notification swiping it.


Since today, I'm not able to disguise the player when I'm listening to Spotify on my PC. I tried updating the app, reinstalling it, restarting my phone, and even tried it with another phone in another account. Same results. The only way to remove it is forcing app to stop on the Android app setting.


The only difference is when I reinstall the app or reboot the phone. The first time I'm able to disguise the "notification", but then the issue comes back next time.



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