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Shuffle Play with Spotify Connect

Shuffle Play with Spotify Connect

I've had a problem with my shuffle playlists for a while. I'll usually have music playing from my laptop during work, using my phone to control it using spotify connect since I like to keep the Spotify Desktop app minimized as it does not have a pleasant Now Playing screen, and I do not like to have the browsing screen open at all times.

Usually I will just queue up an album and listen it through, but when at home or when I do not think I'll have enough time to finish a whole album, I like to just shuffle my entire collection (only about 1000 songs). Since I did not find a proper "shuffle all" in spotify, I decided to make a playlist specifically for this.

The problem is, when I shuffle play the playlist on my laptop from my phone through Spotify Connect, the list will automatically restrict itself to the first few artists (in my case Apocalyptica, Arch Enemy and Diabulus in Musica, since those are the first on the (alphabetical) playlist). The songs by these artists will be shuffled, but it will only play those few artists. Now the funny thing is that if I shuffle play the list on my laptop or phone (without using spotify connect), it shuffles the playlist no problem and includes all the songs. But even if I shuffle the playlist on my phone, then turn on Spotify Connect and switch to playing on my laptop, it will reshuffle and, again, only include a few artists whose names are alphabetically close to the one playing as I switch to Spotify Connect.

Now I can work around this bug by starting the shuffe on my laptop and then just managing it from my phone, but it is annoying that I cannot start playing from my phone. Is there anyone who knows how to fix or work around this problem?


Jesper Timmerman

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