Shuffle isn't working an Android.


Shuffle isn't working an Android.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 9

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I don't know. 


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The shuffle playlist function isn't working. It starts playing music from the very beginning of the playlist. I also signed up for the Spotify Shuffle Beta, but it takes me to a black page. I had the app opened as well, but didn't see any changes. And there were no additional downloads from the Google Play store.

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Re: Shuffle isn't working an Android.

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I tried going into the playlist and manually choosing a starting point. It opened a preview of the song instead. I heard 10 seconds of the song and it stopped. It would not play from that point.



I have watched so many advertisements just trying to get the app to function properly. "Watch this ad for 30 minutes of uninterrupted play". Not true. I've been spammed with ads while tinkering with the app so I thought I'd report that here ad well.


Now the app stopped working while writing this with my phone. It stopped right when an advertisement was going to play.