Shuffling song among filtered results in a playlist


Shuffling song among filtered results in a playlist

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Before, I could type in a artist in my Playlist and press shuffle to shuffle among the filtered results. That doesn't work anymore. Shuffling result in a shuffle of all the songs in the Playlist. Same thing with just playing the first song and letting the next one be nr 2 and nr 3, etc. Now that doesn't work either. 


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This is very disappointing as this feature has been available for years on Android and was something I used almost daily. It makes the use of playlists far less appealing and useful in my opinion. 


Has Spotify not fixed this yet??? I am switching away from iTunes, and this was one of the core functionalities I used over and over again with that application. From a programming standpoint, it should be extremely easy to only play songs from the filtered results. Can anybody at Spotify say what the issue is?

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It's a "new, improved feature". Check out these existing threads for more information:

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