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Singles section and albums disappeared

Singles section and albums disappeared

Hi! I have 2 problems. I have spotify on my android and on my computer.

Why isn't the singles section there anymore on my android spotify? It has disappeared for a long long time! Sometimes the singles have other songs within, for example those of Enya. And so I have to look for them (seeking them, they appear), but sometimes I do not remember the titles. It is a nuisance.
And instead I found that on the spotify of my computer, there is the singles section.

And I discovered that 2 EPs of two of my favorite singers have been moved there, for this reason I could not find them in the album section on my Android.


Thank you 😘




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It looks like they're messing with the UX again instead of fixing the broken stuff. As far as I can tell, singles now only show for artists you have followed. Try following Enya and see if the singles appear.

what is UX?

Anyway, I tried to follow Enya, but the singles do not appear.

Instead, on my computer's spotify I see everthing without following her.

I'm confused.

UX = user experience. Like the singles which always used to show under Artist but no longer do. Following Enya worked for me so no idea what's happening. Contact them direct, if you're unhappy.

I do not see anything, I tried to follow. Maybe you have an Iphone, because one my friend has got it and he sees the singles. I have an Android. I hope a staff member will answer me. I also do not understand why the EPs have been moved to the singles section.

News: that my friend has spotify premium, so maybe only who have premium can see the singles. I wait for answers. Anyway thank you Joe! 🙂

who can help me? I do not understand why some EPs have been moved to the singles section, instead of the album section.

And why do I see only the album section, and not the singles section on my android?


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