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Sleep Timer for music on Android

Sleep Timer for music on Android

We're happy to announce that a Sleep Timer for music is now rolling out across Android devices!


To find the Sleep Timer, just tap the three-dot menu in the top right corner and select how long you want your tunes to play.

Q: Why don’t I see this feature yet?

A: This is rolling out to all Android users globally. If you don’t see it yet you will soon.


Q: When will this be available for iOS?

A: As soon as we have an update on this feature rolling out to other devices we will let you know.

If you have any questions, feel free to post on the Android board and we'll help out.

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Waited long for it. Thank you!

So exciting!

When will it be added to the desktop version?

This is great... Now just need to add an alarm option as well. I'm surprised it's taken Spotify so long

Kick Question..


In my phone (S10+) when the screen turn off automatic the music stop if I am driving. always I need to turn on my screen to get back the music.  Can I fix That?

Thank you.


I have the same problem. Change from an iPhone to a S10+ and now im refretting that I cant hear music on ny car unless the screen is unlocked


That's mean is issue with Samsung.. no with spotify ???? Can we do something ???

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Maybe this is just the ting that causes my problems with the interuptions and pauses during streaming on my Samsung equipment (yep both S8 with Oreo and Tab S3). And yes, i did the cache clear, reinstall etc...etc...

Looks great and all but I can't see it on my Honor View 10 and Asus Zenfone 3. Both with downloaded and non downloaded playlists

Hey there @jescafa and @Cronxs,


Thanks for reaching out about this!


This sounds like a different issue rather than the feature mentioned in this thread.


In this case, we'd recommend heading to one of the relevant boards in our Help section and starting a new thread about the issue you're experiencing. We'll do our best to lend a hand there 🙂


Have a lovely day!

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Hi, case solved. But I would like to suggest that you add the sleep timer to not just the currect playing queue, but also in the playlist 3 dot menu so while setting the sleep timer, it will automatically play that playlist.

I have an android and I have yet to see the sleep timer. When would it show up? 

Without Sleep Timer its not possible to listen "podcasts"

Please include this into iOS asap!

Any news on the roll out for Android. I still don't have the timer!

Hi, to find the sleep timer option you have to play the playlist you intend to listen to first, then open up the now playing window (the one with the album art and the time slider, play button and etc) then click the 3 buttons on top to find the sleep timer.

Any update on getting this rolled out to desktop clients?  I use my desktop PC to listen to music at bedtime so this would be very useful for me.  Cheers, Ben

Still not available in the Philippines?

October 2021...what happened to the sleep timer for Android?

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