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Sleep timer no longer working via Spotify Connect

Sleep timer no longer working via Spotify Connect

Like a lot of people I put some music on when I go to sleep, and I use a sleep timer to shut it off after an hour. I always use this via Spotify Connect on some Bose Soundtouch speakers, which I've had for about five years.


Within the past week or so, the Spotify sleep timer has stopped shutting off the music when I'm connected to those speakers, even if I just select the "end of track" option. The sleep timer works fine if I'm playing music through my phone itself, just not when I'm connected via Connect.


I've found a couple relevant posts in the archives, namely this one and this one; however, those suggest that the sleep timer should never have been working via Spotify Connect in the first place since it's not a supported feature. Which is... impossible, because like I said, I've been using these speakers with the sleep timer in that manner for years. There was a period of a few months where it quit working like it has now, sometime in 2020 or 2021, but it's been working fine since then. 


There's also this ongoing issue I found where people's sleep timers aren't working at all, but that's not quite relevant to my situation either, since the sleep timer still works via both my phone and Chromebook themselves. It's only when I'm connected to my speakers that it fails.


I'm on a Motorola Moto X4 (Android One variant) running Android 9, using Spotify version (which I just updated to fifteen minutes ago, and the issue is still present).


So, any idea what's going on? Why I was ever able to use the sleep timer via Connect, if I wasn't supposed to be able to, and why I suddenly can't?

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Hey @wingything,


Thank you for reaching out here in the Community! 


A possible reason to why this might happen is that the updates of the Bose Soundtouch speakers's firmware are out of phase with the Spotify app's updates. This can sometimes happen and cause issues with the app's performance. 

We hope this'll get resolved soon but we can't guarantee when or give you an exact time frame. It'd be best to contact the manufacturer for more detailed info on the topic. 

We appreciate you taking the time to report this and share your feedback with us.


Hope this clear things up,



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Hi Lyubka,


Do you have an update about this issue ? The problem is still present with ios devices (I don't know for Android)



Exactly same thing just stopped working for me after playing through my Denon soundbar in bedroom. I used this nightly and now it won't work!  


Spotify giving lame excuse that it's the manufacturers fault but they just updated their app (1/11/23) which broke this feature. 


If they won't listen to their customers maybe I'm ready to start paying someone else. 


Fix this please!!

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