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Smart shuffle does not create a new mix/shuffle order

Smart shuffle does not create a new mix/shuffle order

Whenever I turn smart shuffle on, it does not generate a new shuffle order. It queues the exact same songs in the exact same order every time. Unlike regular shuffle which creates a new mix everytime it is turned off and on, smart shuffle queues the same exact songs. This is a very recent issue. Happens on both liked songs and playlists.
Have tried eating cache, restating phone, force stopping app. App is up to date. Device: galaxy s23 ultra. Premium subscription
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I've been having a similar problem for weeks! Whenever I have it on Smart Shuffle, it plays my playlist in order but adds in suggested songs. It will only shuffle the playlist if I have it on Shuffle. Smart Shuffle doesn't work!

I've logged out and back in, uninstalled and reinstalled. Disabled the automix function, still does it.

I'm having this issue on Desktop, Android and Web as well. Both apps within my control on the latest version. Hit shuffle, and the queue is properly shuffled. But when enabling Smart Shuffle, it'll just play the playlist in the last sorted order (usually date added for me) and then insert songs most of the time. Sometimes it'll randomly stop adding songs into the queue for no reason, and the only way to fix it is to play an entirely different playlist.


Disabling/re-enabling smart shuffle has no effect, and on the desktop app cycling makes it go no shuffle -> properly shuffled -> no shuffle w/ smart recommendations if those didn't break yet. When it does stop adding in recommendations, disabling and then re-enabling smart shuffle from the non-broken device (PC if it broke on Android or vice versa) causes at least the recommendations to come back. But when only one in 3 songs is not in a set order, it quickly takes the fun out of a playlist /:

Hi Eni,


this is not device specific, a lot of users are having this issue. It is getting annoying. Please fix this.




Hi folks,


Thanks for all the replies We've forwarded all the info about these issues onto the appropriate team and they're looking into this further. Be advised however that we cannot say for certain at the moment when or if this is going to get addressed, but fingers crossed that this will be sooner rather than later.



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I'm facing the exact same issue both on mobile and on pc


Premium Family





Samsung Galaxy S22

Windows 10

Operating System

Android 13

Windows 10

Spotify version:


Spotify for Windows (64 bit)



I'm using smart shuffle and the smart shuffle is not shuffling my songs when I press a different song or when I toggle it on an off

I've been having the same issue, really annoying.

I have the same problem. I have a playlist of >300 songs (half in Italian) and Spotify keeps going through the same ones, often in exactly the same order! I always get the same suggestions, and even though half of my songs are in Italian it never plays an Italian song nor propose a new Italian song.


This is getting super annoying! I have tried reinstalling, clearing cache and data but nothing. Please help, I can't stand these same songs anymore!

Hi Joan, 

Please make sure they fix this issue. 
The feature really is just broken, which makes the spotify app broken. Does spotify like to have an app that is broken ?







United Kingdom


Operating System

windows 10


My Question or Issue

Whenever smart shuffle is turned on, my queue is limited to only about 50 songs from the playlist shuffled, with the added suggestions, always in the same order. When turned off, the suggestions get removed, but I still only have the very limited queue. On top of this, when I click the minus sign to stop a song being recommended, all of the suggestions go away, again leaving me with the limited queue. And, when restarting smart shuffle, any songs I marked not to recommend are immediately recommended again.

- Plan
- Country
- Device
Notebook dell
Moto g(8) power lite
- Operating System
Windows 10
Android 10
- Version
Spotify for Windows (64 bit)
Spotify for Android

- My Question or Issue

I observe this issue with "Liked Songs" playlist (never use "Smart Suffle" on other playlist...)

When I change between "Normal Play", "Normal Suffle" and "Smart Suffle" the songs and the order of the "Smart Suffle" are always the same!! (even if I play other playlist and then play "Liked Songs" again...), while the order on the  "Normal Suffle" is always different each time I select it (which is the correct behavior)

Hey folks,


In order to aid us in the investigation, please share a short screen recording which captures the described behavior in action so we can take a direct look at what's happening on your end.


If you can't attach it here in your reply, you can instead upload it to YouTube as an unlisted video, or a cloud service like Google Drive - just make sure the file is available to anyone with the link.


Cheers 🤘

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Dear Yordan, 

There have been posted multiple videos in this thread already about the behavior. Please see earlier messages.. 



It's not a bug, it's a feature. Get used to it.

First of all I'd like to start by saying I like the smart shuffle feature, it's recommended some really good music, similar to my own, that I would not have found otherwise.


However it does not actually shuffle my playlist, it plays the playlist in nearly the same order every time. Heavily favouring songs I've added more recently. Basically I'd like it to recommend new songs every few songs (as it does) but shuffle my music the way regular shuffle does.


Also another feature I'd love to see would be a kind of, "Resume where you left off or reshuffle?" Quite often I'll hours into my playlist and I'll misclick trying to queue a song or do something else in the app. This means I can't get back to where I was in my playlists randomised order, so I end up listening to songs again I've heard recently. This is maybe quite a niche desire but I listen to a lot of music.


Hopefully someone can tell me if this is a good/bad idea and if it's even possible. Thanks for reading.







My Question or Issue


I'm a HUGE music discovery kind of person so, naturally, anything that assists me to discover new artists or songs that are released I will use a lot. Smart Shuffle is perfect for me because of that, however, there's 2 annoying issues with it. 


First, when using Smart Shuffle and adding a song to a playlist from the suggestions, it completely resets the queue. Probably wouldn't have noticed this except I like to keep an eye on what's next. It ends up repeating songs previously played and new artists that are coming up next with songs I may like, reset and are gone because I cant remember what the title and artist were to look it up.


Second, when adding a suggested song to the playlist, it eventually makes Smart Shuffle give up looking for suggestions. It's happened multiple times but even today I was (still am) listening to one of my playlists with Smart Shuffle on, have added 4 suggested songs to the playlist, and now there's no more suggestions to be found; even scrolling to the bottom of the queue. To get Smart Shuffle to suggest more songs, I have to go to a DIFFERENT playlist, hit play, then go back to the ORIGINAL playlist with Smart Shuffle and hit play. This also ends up repeating already played songs from the playlist.


These issues could very well be the same for mobile but I don't use Smart Shuffle on mobile but might be something to look into as well.


While these issues are not application breaking, they are VERY annoying for a person like me. So if anyone knows the issue deals with a setting, please let me know, otherwise it just needs looked at to clean the Smart Shuffle up to work smoother.

Everytime i add a song to my playlist the smart shuffle start playing it from new to old songs added and then just add songs in the mix. But when i use the normal shuffle it does mix my playlist in a randomized way
Device: Motorola G82 5G
Android Version: 13
Spotify Version:
Premium Plan

Hi there @Ezeka93,


Welcome to the Spotify Community!


Interesting. Are you able to consistently reproduce this behavior? Could you share a short screen recording which captures it in action so we can get a clear view of what's happening on your end?


If you haven't already, try logging out and signing back in to your account twice in a row. This will trigger an internal refresh of the app that may help here. It's also worth performing a clean reinstall of Spotify by following the steps in this article.


Let us know how it goes.

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As you can see here, it happens every time, and it's not only in my phone, i just installed in an AndroidTV and happens just the same

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