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Smart shuffle does not create a new mix/shuffle order

Smart shuffle does not create a new mix/shuffle order

Whenever I turn smart shuffle on, it does not generate a new shuffle order. It queues the exact same songs in the exact same order every time. Unlike regular shuffle which creates a new mix everytime it is turned off and on, smart shuffle queues the same exact songs. This is a very recent issue. Happens on both liked songs and playlists.
Have tried eating cache, restating phone, force stopping app. App is up to date. Device: galaxy s23 ultra. Premium subscription
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Hi folks,


Thanks for all the replies We've forwarded all the info about these issues onto the appropriate team and they're looking into this further. Be advised however that we cannot say for certain at the moment when or if this is going to get addressed, but fingers crossed that this will be sooner rather than later.



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This issue hasn't gone anywhere, still the exact same shuffle order on both desktop and android at least. After update it changes the order but then it's the same till the next one. Useless feature.


Hi, have almost same problem but only on Desktop version.
If im using smart shuffle on phone everything is okay, I see sugested new tracks every 3 songs, but the same moment I turn to PC (even while listening) new tracks just disappear. Same happens if im turning on smart shuffle on pc and skip current song by using ctrl+right arrow or pressing skip, does not happen if i manually choose tracks from queue

This is still a problem. It can't be too difficult to fix.

Happens to me on Windows 11 and Android.

I began noticing this issue a few weeks ago. I use smart shuffle as I want to hear possible new music, however for me its gravitating towards newer songs and ignoring older ones. So lets say I click to play the first song in my track, Song A. I have added 12 new songs in the past month. Song A ends, instead of shuffling to some track maybe in the middle of the playlist, it plays New Song 2. Go back to Song A, fast forward, New Song 5, Go back to Song A, Fast forward, New Song 3. Repeat over and over. While I like these new songs, I am hearing them CONSTANTLY, to the point of wanting to either remove them, or disable the Smart Shuffle feature. This needs to be fixed ASAP.

HOW IS THIS SHUFFLE? It’s just the most stupid and useless decision Spotify ever made. Basically it creates a “most played playlist” and bores you to death with it, since you never get to hear the songs you added a long time ago.

And again and again, it's the same songs. Spotify playlists are slowly becoming a hit radio where you play 10 songs throughout the day, for weeks on end. Awesome, thanks!

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