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So iOS devices got radio...

So iOS devices got radio...

Seems the Android users will always be a step behind  in terms of functionality. With the new and "improved" app, we cannot even choose the storage location for offline playlists anymore.. I mean, really? Such a basic functionality just gone? And now, how long will we have to wait until we get the radio function? Another 6 months?


I really like Spotify as it has many advantages over other services such as Deezer, but your support is just horrible (at least for the Android community)..





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I think its getting there ... but slowly. It took a long time but I reckon they've realised that the android community is now bigger than the IOS one. We'll get there in the end. Correct me.if I'm wrong, but I think we got crossfade first?
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Gotta agree with the OP on this one. I'm sure the 100 windows phone subscibers loved that they got folders and other functionality prior to. 


The app was just rewritten from scratch. It isn't like they wouldn't have known that they were programming functionality for Spotify Radio. You figure they'd have thrown a freaking bone at us to have radio as a nice extra after us putting up with a broken app on ICS devices for 6 months and having to wait for folder support for even longer than that. And we get one that doesn't even have landscape mode so it completely sucks on tablets. Makes me not want to even bother.

Right! I've had to wait this long just for the app to stop constantly crashing just when I add a song to a playlist. Now I lost the ability to listen to my entire library (which, come on, was that such a hard thing to put back on) and now I found out we can't get radio and iOs does? Why am I promoting Spotify for everyone as hard as I do?

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