Some songs are labeled as "unplayable" now...


Some songs are labeled as "unplayable" now...

Ok, so I've had spotify for 4 months now. I used to listen to alot of stuff, but now some of the songs I listen to are marked as "unplayable". They were playable a month or two ago. What happened?? Please help me because it has confused me for the longest time.
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Re: Some songs are labeled as "unplayable" now...

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Artists or Labels have to allow Spotify to stream their music or tracks. If something is missing, it's normally because of the artist or label rather than Spotify not having it (Spotify would love to be able to supply every piece of recorded music). You can have a look at the Music FAQ which has some more information

You can also see if a track is on Spotify (and in which Country) using the website:

Please use the search feature before posting a problem/bug/idea.
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