Problems Syncing from my windows 10 desktop to my samsung galaxy S7

Problems Syncing from my windows 10 desktop to my samsung galaxy S7


So i upgraded my OS to windows 10, and got a new cellphone, samsung galaxy S7. i thought there would be no problems seeing as installing the software to my PC and getting spotify again on my phone was a breeze. there's the problem though




I've tried EVERYTHING (that i could think of), the phone and the computer is connected to the same WiFi, it says "downloading" on the phone, and is constantly at 0 %, no tracks are able to be synced.


This kinda sucks seeing as a lot of tracks that i want to listen to are not available (demos, old material etc.) and i would realy like to listen to them, someone please come forward with some kind of solution


Regards, 40løk.



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SMALL UPDATE: it seems to be happening, albeit UNBEARABLY SLOWLY. over a WiFi that's relatively quick and within good range of the units in question this should not be a problem, before upgrading my phone this was never a problem, as we speak my phone has downloaded 2 tracks in just under 20 minutes.

Can you try a clean install of both the Spotify app on your phone as well as the desktop app?

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