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Some tracks make distorted sounds at some points

Some tracks make distorted sounds at some points

Hey, I have a problem with some specific songs and is really annoying, I've tried many things to fix it and the problem still showing, basically, the songs at some specific points they sound distorted and cutted, sounds really bad and what's interesting is that the problem always occurs at that specific time of the song, and that occurs both on my pc and android galaxy s8, and on that specific time on both I've tried changing the settings, reinstalling the app on both deleting the cache, I haven't come across any solution, please help!! I'm premium btw 

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Hey there,


Would you mind posting a link to the song you've mentioned? I'd like to check if I'm also experiencing this. Also let me know at what time frame the track is acting up.




Thanks for the reply, here are some; min 2:11 min 2:14


There are a few more but I can't remember now


Hi there,


I'm very sorry, but I have now tried on multiple accounts, OS's (free and premium) with certain settings on and off and I cannot reproduce your error. Here all of the music you have supplied are playing fine.

I'll have to think about this more, especially knowing that you've cleared the cache, reinstalled AND that it's also happening on your mobile device.


Maybe one thing to try. Have you tried listening to these pieces on another account (maybe a second (free) account or someone you know)?






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