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United States of America


Samsung A50

Operating System

Android 11

For the past few weeks my Samsung A50 has had this error show up every time I try to do anything. I can see my home page, but even just opening my playlists gives the error. All of my other devices work fine.
Things I have done to remedy this issue
- Cleared cache inside the app and in the OS
- Cleared all storage related to spotify in the OS
- Logged out and logged back in
- Uninstalled and Reinstalled
- Restarted the device
- Installed older versions of the app using APKs

When using a different account, I no longer get the error but all screens other than the home page are blank. When opening the pre-made playlists it says that they are empty.

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Hello @VoidSpectrum,


Thanks for posting and welcome to the Community!


If I'm  getting this correct, you're having some issues with loading the Spotify app on your Samsung A50 mobile device. This sounds like a cache-related issue on that device, as you've mentioned that on other devices all works well with your main account. I'll try to help out here.


First off, I'd like to stress that using older versions of the app is not recommended and it's not supported by Spotify, so please refrain from such troubleshooting steps, as this could lead to even more troubles with the behavior of your app.


For the app on your Samsung A50, I can suggest to log out and then to log back in. Doing this twice in a row, triggers a refresh between the servers and your account and may help to resolve any possible issues with the cached memory. See if this will make things work as expected.


If the above doesn't help, then it's well worth doing another clean reinstall to get rid of any possible cached files that might be causing the trouble. This process is more thorough than the usual reinstall and has a few extra steps, so I recommend you to follow the linked guide and see the relevant steps for Android devices.


Hope something here helps and does the trick for you, reach out if you need more help!

Kiril Moderator
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I've been researching this problem ALL day.  None of the online suggestions worked.  So, just thinking outside the box, I pulled my SIM and SD card, used an old-school pencil eraser to clean off the shiny contacts (old IT trick)

Then rebooted my phone (Samsung A20) -without- the SIM/SD tray inserted.



Hope this might help someone else not waste the 4 hours I did banging my head against this wall.


Thanks alot! Temporarily removing sim+sd did it! Nothing else

Will it be work with tab s 6 lite






Samsung A73 5G

Operating System



My Question or Issue

The app auto-updated last November 28, 2023, to version I have been using the desktop version since then so I didn't notice anything. However, when I opened the app today, I could see the free version even though I am a premium user and there's an error message at the bottom of the app saying something like no internet connection. I made sure that our internet/wifi is working properly. I uninstalled-reinstalled the app and now I cannot log in. It says "Something went wrong. Have another go?" 


I did all troubleshooting tasks that I know:

  • uninstalling and reinstalling
  • clearing data or cache
  • restarting the phone
  • restarting the wifi router
  • made sure Google Play Store and my device itself were updated
  • checked my account's country location since I saw this as one of the solution for the same problem (but another thread)

I would love to attach an image but the app won't let me due to security reasons. Please help.

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