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Song cuts out mid play only on one device

Song cuts out mid play only on one device


I made a playlist with some songs, they all downloaded OK, but there is one song that stops playing at the same minute, (but only on that device, on other devices the song doesn't cut) I have added more songs after that one and they don't cut. I already removed the song from the playlist, and adding it back, but it keeps happening. What do I have to do?

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I have the same issue and I dont download the music. This happens only when its connected to a wireless device. Please help !

This problem always happens to me. What I usually do is restart my phone. If that doesnt work, you should report this to Spotify.

Hello @SDSS. Thanks for posting in the Spotify Community!


Definitely seems like a strange issue - let's look into it! As @boffabear12345 mentioned, it's possible that simply restarting your device may fix the issue. And it's great to hear you've tried removing the song and re-adding it to the playlist. Because it only occurs on a singular device, that helps us narrow down the issue.


Next, I would try re-syncing the entire playlist by switching the Download option to OFF, then restarting your device, and then switching the Download option back ON. Hopefully there's not a ton of songs on the playlist, and you're downloading over WiFi.


My last resort suggestion is to perform a clean reinstallation of the Spotify mobile or desktop app. Depending on your device, there are different methods for performing clean reinstallations of Spotify. You will find all of them here:


If this still doesn't work, let us know what device you're having trouble on, and what version of Spotify it's running. Attached is an example you can copy/paste and edit.

Device: PC Laptop / MacBook Pro Retina / Samsung Note 3 / iPhone / iPad

Operating System: Windows / OSX 10.9.2 / Android 4.4.2 / iOS 9.5.3


With this information, I may be able to rope in another Rock Star Community Member more experienced with your particular platform and problem to help you out.

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