Song lags at beginning

Song lags at beginning

Hi there .. .

Recently im been experiencing trouble when playing a song, it will "lag" for 1 sec at the begining of the song, and just plays fine rest of the track. This happend to every song i switch to. This accours both on wifi and in my network connection.. Its a big anoying to wait for the little pause.. But.. heh ^^

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Hey @1111174215! Welcome to the Spotify Community. ^^


That doesn't sound quite right.
Have you tried reinstalling your app? If not here's a step by step tutorial.
Let us know if that helps, thanks! ^^


So i tried uninstalling and reinstall and the problem is not gone ;-( Also songs i deleted from my playlist still appear at times when playing my playlist... Which is very anoying...

Welp, I had the same problem. I tried uninstall and then installing it again but didn't work. and then I switched from the Microsoft store to the official website one but still did not work. Poeple suggests to clear my cache out but nothing changed, the problem still exists. And also, I have a good internet connection too but the problem still exists

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