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Song switching repeatedly without control

Song switching repeatedly without control

Hi everyone.

I just downloaded and installed Spotify on an Android operating system, HTC One mobile. Also, my mobile company (Vodafone) offered 1 year of full-services Spotify use included in the contract, which I already registered for and turned on. The problem is, every time I try to listen to a song, the App will very quickly change it several time after few seconds of listening, and it does that like it was a "lucky wheel", with songs titles shifting on to one another in few moments. I already tried uninstalling, restarting and re-downloading the App, and restarting the Mobile, but nothing changes, this crazy thing is still going on. Also, sometimes it won't let me "force quit" the application from the mobile App menu (I press "force quit", but Spotify still goes on); and when I un-install and deleate the App, there's still a Spotify "0 Kb" icon in the mobile App panel, which I cannot enter by clicking on it nor deleate it. ... ???
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Hey there, I had that problem a while ago and I solved mine by reinstalling the app and relogging in a couple of times. Perhaps you can try to wipe your whole phone :(( Which HTC mobile phone are u using ?

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