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Songs are missing..

Songs are missing..

I recently downloaded a friends playlist, and one song that he had in his playlist didnt came along. And when i searched for the song i couldnt find it at all on spotify, then i asked another friend if he could find it and he did. It's like it's just my spotify account that cant find the song. How is that even possible?
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It could just be that the track isn't available in your country and the others have them available as local tracks. If you uncheck the option to hide unplayable tracks in the desktop client, it should appear but will be greyed-out if that is the case. Try serching for it in the desktop client or web player.

Okey, so thats the problem.

When i searched on google for the songs name followed by "spotify", i found a link that lead me to the spotify app.

But the song wont play.


And i cant search on my computer because i borrowed my dads computer and he has this, excuse my language, f*cked up OS Ubuntu that i doesnt understand a thing about, cant even install spotify, its impossible.


I managed to install spotify on the computer, yihaa!

But i cant even find this song when i unchecked that option, this is so wierd.

Could you post a link to the playlist and let us know the title of the song?

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