Songs cut out during playback

Songs cut out during playback

Hi All,

   I was wondering if someone could help me please?  When I'm playing my music, it cuts out during the songs, kind of like when you'd play a cd in a stereo and walk too heavy on the floor.  This happens anywhere between 2 and 12 times in a song.  It's very annoying, especially if you're trying to sing along or dancing to the music.

It happens even more when connected to my bluetooth speaker.  I am seriously thinking of unsubscribing because of this. 

My way of thinking is: If I can't get the quality I'm paying for, why pay for it?



Jay El R

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Hi. Does this happen when you are streaming music from Spotify over wifi or mobile data? Or when listening to downloaded music offline?


What mobile, android version and spotify version are you using?


  This happens when listening to downloaded and streaming music.

It also happens when listening to the music just through the phone and even worse through my bluetooth speaker.


It happens on my Samsung Galaxy S3.

Could you please reinstall spotify , following all the steps here and let me know if it helped?

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