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Songs greyed out in playlist but still playable in spotify's library

Songs greyed out in playlist but still playable in spotify's library

This is a very complicated issue I've run into. Basically in a playlist I have imported from itunes on my desktop some songs are greyed out on Spotify on my andriod device, while others are greyed out on my desktop. All songs are still playable in the playlist when I'm on my desktop but only the white songs are playable on my phone.


I've attached images showing what this looks like on both my phone and my computer. Basically I'm trying to play a song called "What About Me?" by Snarky Puppy, and can play it on my computer just fine, regardless if it's within the playlist I created locally, or in Spotify's online database. But cannot play it on my phone regardless again of whether I try within the playlist or in Spotify's library itself.

Image 6.png
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Here's one last image from the desktop app.

Image 7.png

Not sure what's going on here but let's remove the complications. Temove the song from your playlist then find it in spotify's database and add that to the playlist. It should then play just fine.

If it still appears greyed out, it may be that the song isn't available in your country. In that case you will need to change the metadata for the artist/track title of your local file and download it to your android.


I know it's appealing to have all the music you love in one place but, quite honestly, spotify is pretty **bleep** at handling local files, especially if the tracks are in their database so it might be less painful to download them to your mobile and use another player to listen to them.

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