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Songs stop playing after 10-15 seconds

Songs stop playing after 10-15 seconds

Hey guys,


since 2 weeks I have the problem that many songs stop playing after 10-15 seconds and simply close themselves. I have the newest version and already reinstalled spotify but it didnt help. Furthermore I have a Fairphone. Its very annoying especially because I pay for premium.

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I have the same problem. I start a song, lock my phone and after 10-20s the song just stops. This happens to me when I listen to my offline songs during my daily commute. I haven't tried listening online.

Never happened before. I am using android 4.2.2 and Spotify

Anyone any suggestions? I checked it's not the power optimization because android 4.2.2 does not include this feature.

If I keep the phone active long enough during the first song then I can lock the screen no problems.

I got the same issue, I'm using a fairphone first edition as well... Jan

I have now tried reinstalling spotify

Cleaning my sd card

Removing my sd card

Listening only to streams and the problem still persist.


Are there any log files we can send to help diagnose the problem?

I have this exact problem as well. I also have a Fairphone 1. This just started out of nowhere, has been going on for a month, and occurs whether I'm offline or online. I have reinstalled a number of times, but it doesn't help.


Does anyone have any solutions or at least suggestions? My next step is to cancel my Spotify account and find another music streaming provider. I can't be bothered paying for a service where I'm expected to rely on a user forum where replies to the issues I need help with depend on whether someone else has come across the problem and whether they have been able to solve it (all kudos to you guys who answer questions and help out - I really appreciate it! I just think there should be a support available for something you pay for.).



I think, I might have figured something out, that solves the problem

1. Start the Song you want to listen to

2. Wait for the Fairphone to turn off the screen automatically (takes a few seconds depending on your "turn the sceen off"-settings)

3. The Song should play new without stopping after a few seconds.


Seems like the problem only occurs, if you turn off the screen by pressing the power button on the top of the phone while playing a song.


I hope that works for you as well!

Regards, Jand



This does not work for me unfortunately. My workaround is to keep the phone/screen activated as long as possible (5+ minutes). After I can lock the phone with less issues. The problem reoccurs if Spotify is closed for any reason.

I just updated to the latest version and the problem still persists 😞

I just updated to the latest version and the problem seems solved!

I am having the same issue. Also fairphone 1, also started suddenly in december. Anyone solved the problem? I tried a few things (reinstalling, switching of wifi and downloading stuff on my phone) but nothing seemed to help so far.

For anyone who has T-Mobile I was able to solve this issue but contacting them, and asking they remove the content restriction that was placed by my parents years ago. Once they removed it, I haven't had a problem since. You might have a content restriction on your service. Would be wise to check that!

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