Songs stop playing and random ones start.


Songs stop playing and random ones start.

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 Hi ....i have been using premium for a year now and im getting **bleep** of because last week this started happening and it wont stop. Everytime i play a song . It plays the first 20 seconds then it starts playing a song thats not even in my playlist or saved music..its songs from a different country and when they start playing it says that spotify is playing on web player ( chrome ) and the song is being played from there but i didnt conect to that . I dont know what to do and it keeps happening.....please help

 Also in my recently played and heavy rotation section it has a bunch of random weird playlists from other countrys and i have never played them songs before.

I am very angry and **bleep** of because i dont know how to stop does it everytime i want to play a song and its been doing it since last week.

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Re: Songs stop playing and random ones start.


Hey there @amyomara2308,


Thanks for posting about this and welcome to the Community!


If you notice any unexpected changes on your account, like songs being listened from a device other than the ones you're using, we'd recommend following the steps provided here.


Let us know how you get on :)

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Re: Songs stop playing and random ones start.

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I have changed my password multiple times and signed everyone out and this is still happening when i am online. When my account is offline the songs i downloaded play just fine but albums from different countrys that i havent played keep popping up in my recently played even tho i havent played them. Everytime i close the app new albums i havent played show up in this section. Even if i close the app for a few seconds and re-open the app more albums pop up in this section that i havent played. Can i please get help for this. I dont think anyone is in my account but this is still happening.