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Songs will not play

Songs will not play







Samsung galaxy A51

Operating System

Android version 11 , spotify version

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  • When i click on a song it doesnt play stays at 0:00. When i scrub through the song to the last 30 seconds of any song it will start to play and will keep playing next songs, although the timer stays at 0:00 and if i choose another song stops playing altogether.
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Had a similar problem where Spotify would randomly stop playing any songs. I could change the song, the album art would update, but the progress bar would play past 0 seconds, even while scrubbing anywhere on the song (can't be sure about those last 30 seconds thou). Tried clearing the cache, restarting the phone... Fixed it when I logged out and back in to my account. I guess you can try that the next time it happens to you and see if it fixes the problem.

Yeah ive tried clearing cache, switching from internal to external sd, uninstall , logout/login and i still have no luck ive tried connecting to the truck see if it would bypass anything but nope. Thanks for tips

I contacted support few hours ago. Their test account worked fine as client on PC and web, so the problem is in my own one, but the problem same as yours.

All they can do - transfer tracks and playlists on new account, without transferring subscription and follows/followers.

This is an issue a ton of people are having on all platforms right now, and it none of the usual suggested fixes are working for most people. There's a few decent sized reddit threads of others with the same problem:


But spotify is just going to tell us to do clean reinstalls because it's totally our fault lol something clearly went wrong on spotify's end today, and they need to acknowledge that and fix it because this is ridiculous.

Start Spotify again.
It's possible that the Spotify app has stalled or experienced an unexpected malfunction. Close and reopen Spotify is the easiest solution to try.

If you're on a desktop computer, go to File > Quit Spotify.

I’ve been having exactly the same issue since yesterday. After lots of tinkering with my network settings and Spotify settings, and rebooting my phone, I uninstalled Spotify and reinstalled it, and suddenly everything worked again.


What I didn’t realize is that all my settings were reset because I reinstalled the app. Today, I went through the settings and set them to what I normally would have them on, which includes disabling “Normalize volume.” Suddenly, my music just stopped playing. Every song was stuck at 00:00 once again.


Frustrated, I didn’t want to reinstall the app again. After some fiddling around, I realized that turning on volume normalization made music work again! If I turn it on, all songs play just fine, but as soon as I turn it off, nothing plays.


There seems to be a bug in the app—at least the Android app, as that’s what I’m using—that prevents songs from playing when volume normalization is disabled. It makes sense that podcasts work whether it’s off or on as podcast aren’t affected by volume normalization.


To anyone who’s also having this issue, be sure to try enabling “Normalize volume.” I hope this works for you. Set it on “Loud” if you don’t want Spotify to reduce the volume of your tracks too much. Until Spotify fixes this bug, this is an easy solution to fixd the problem.

You are right. Same issue here. Turning on the normalize volume toggle and restarting the app, will allow the songs to start playing.

Hey everyone,


Thanks for reaching out and reporting this behavior to us.


To everyone experiencing this, we'd indeed recommend to first try a clean reinstall using these steps. That way we can rule out a corrupted cache, which is the most common cause for such issues. As @EduV69 reports, that relogging helped in his case, it's a good idea to also use the  log out everywhere feature.


If this doesn't do the trick, @sp0tfy1338 and @Aimjock share that toggling Audio Normalization from the app settings resolves the issue - could you confirm if this helps? Also - does the same behavior come up with downloaded songs and the app manually set to offline mode? You can learn how to enable it here.


Make sure to also include in your post the make and model of your device, your OS version as well as the exact Spotify version you have installed. The more detailed examples we have of instances where this is happening and troubleshooting tried, the easier it will be to get to the bottom of this.


Hope this helps. Keep us posted on how it goes. 

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