Sound Quality changed

Sound Quality changed


Hey there,


So I've had premium access to Spotify for a while now, and the sound DID sound awesome. I was listening to my playlist this morning, and everything was fine.


I haven't changed any settings in my phone, in Spotify, and I haven't changed my heaad phones, which I've tested with other phones, and it still sounds great.


To be blunt, the sound quality now is absolute rubbish. How can I fix the sound quality in my phone? I have a Sony Xperia Z2.


I'm meant to be selling Spotify at work as a bonus for people buying products from the company I work for, so being in Sales I can't exactly say "Spotify is awesome" when it sounds crap for me.



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Do you have problems with offline listening or streaming? 


Please try to reinstall spotify with clearing cache. If your offline tracks lost quality try to clean spotify data and download your songs again.

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The ability to "force" a re-download of a song would be a better idea.


Then if a song is faulty in its original download you can replace it.


The ability to "swap" it for a different song would be nice too. Especially when you've given me some stupid live version of a song when I wanted the studio version. Easy to swap on a desktop, impossible on a mobile where you can't choose where to insert it.


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