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Sound cuts off after 1sec when playing any song

Sound cuts off after 1sec when playing any song





Xiaomi Mi Mix (lithium) 


Operating System

Android 8.1


My Question or Issue

I am using Spotify on my PC (Windows 10) and my phone (details as shown above). For about a month, I've been experiencing issues with sound on my phone. Every time I play a song, the sound cuts off after 1 sec.


This issue is clearly linked with the fact that I use Spotify on my PC. I did not have any problems before I started doing so. 


În about 10% of the times I open the app on my phone it tells me that it found my PC and aks me to choose where I want to continue listening. The sound works while this message is on the screen. After I select either to keep using my phone or my PC, the sound cuts off. This issue does not occur on my PC. In order to be able to play anything, I have to shuffle back and forth through songs until the sound does not cut off. When I manually select a song, the sound cuts off again.


I reinstalled the app, cleared data/cache and it did not help.


I also read the other similar issues but did not find a solution that would work in my case. 


It sucks paying for a service that doesn't work as advertised. I feel like an Apple user right now... 

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