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Sound quality is distorted on bluetooth


Sound quality is distorted on bluetooth

I just updated my Nexus 5 (2013) to Android 6.0.1 and now on my LG 730 bluetooth headphones the sound is distorted. Adjustding the volume from either my phone or the headphones does not fix the problem.


I understand that having a nexus phone and getting the latest updates first leave me vulnerable to problems like this, but it should really not happen though. Google play music isn't distorted at all.


This needs to be fixed immedately, guys.


If this isn't fixed in the next few days, I'm permanently switching over to Google Play music or something else. Spotify premium was nice while it lasted, but then bugs like this one and a few others crept up with out any feedback from the spotify android development team (Music continues playing through phone speaker when a call is received and music does not stop when headphone or bluetooth connection is lost).



Out of curiosity, does anybody know if the development teams even read these forums? Is there any other way to report urgent bugs to the software team? For those of us who pay for premium, I think we deserve feedback from Spotify and timely fixes to problems that users on this forum are obviously having.


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Turns out this is not an issue with Spotify. Please disregard.

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Just downloaded version from the Play store and the sound over bluetooth is still very distorted. 


Again, this needs to be fixed as soon as humanly possible. If I don't get a fix soon, I will be canceling my premium membership since this bug completely ruins listening to music for me on my phone.

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Turns out this is not an issue with Spotify. Please disregard.

What was the issue? I am having the same problem with my LG headset.

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