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Sound quality issues on Nexus in Marshmallow

Sound quality issues on Nexus in Marshmallow

My Spotify buzzes, squeaks, and sounds like a 90s modem since I have updated to Marshmallow on my Nexus 5.

If I turn the EQ off its less prominent.

I have the lastes Android OS and I ahve uninstalled and resinstalled Spotify numerous times.

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You're absolutely right. I also still have the problem when I have the equalizer switched on. And this is something which is a must for me!

Having a similar problem on a Nexus 9 running 6.0.1 Marshmallow. I'm getting clicking/static sounds when running the app. It seems that it only happens when the tablet is in portrait view, as I haven't experienced this in landscape yet, which is weird. EQ is off.

Have same problem of clicking/static sound on my nexus 9 with 6.0.1. So annoying.

I have the same problem. Spotify clicks and skips all the time on my Nexus 9, been doing it for months! It happens both streaming and offline, in portrait and landscape. I've done a clean reinstall, turned off gapless, crossfade and EQ. Nothing helps!


At this rate I will be cancelling my premium subscription.


Google Play Music works fine.


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