Sporify continuously loading but nothind happens


Sporify continuously loading but nothind happens


After month of payong without any satisfaction I try to send a message here.


I'm using a Honor 5c and I can't get the music I'm paying for. When I go on my app it takes ages for it to show me the albums I like or the playlist Made. Impossible to look for songs either, I can only see that little green circle that's going to drive me crazy.


I thought it was because i had too .any songs "downloaded", but for the last two month I had none and that doesn't solve the issue.


I also followed all the instructions about clearing the app, the cache, the date, turning off the phone, installing again the app. It just doesn't work.


Please give me a straight answer : can Android can cope Spotify? If not, we need to know now because I've been paying too long for no service at all. 


Thanks for you help

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