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Spotfiy Connect Sits On Connecting...

Spotfiy Connect Sits On Connecting...







Samsung S21+

Operating System

Android version 11


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I recently got a new mobile phone.

Spotify Connect shows both my Sonos one speaker and my Denon AVR in the list of devices to connect to, but when I hit connect it goes connecting.. then times out.


Both devices are connected to my network via ethernet. 

I have reset modem, router, avr. Checked everything for updates.. all running latest software/firmware. I have removed spotify and reconnected the account too, made no difference.


When I load spotify app it sometimes pops up with a box saying it's 'found sonos speaker' but when you hit connect, it just doesn't get past connecting..


Both devices play from my girlfirends phone fine, nothing has changed in my  network.


When I load the Sonos 2 app, I can connect and play spotify through that no issue.. but I want to play through the spotify app as I always have. After all, I am paying premium.


Also noted when I disconnect from wifi with my mobile, my AVR will play spotify.


Seems to be some issue with spotify on my latest phone, I did all of this fine with my previous S10+ with no issue.


Please help!

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Hey @Murdertrain,


Thanks for getting in touch with us.


Could you try logging in to your account on another device to see if anything changes?


In case you're using an SD card, we'd suggest you remove it, reinstall Spotify and then try running the app without the SD. Sometimes the SD card can lead to issues with the cache.


In case nothing changes, you can send us a video recording of what you're seeing. We'll look into this further.


Keep us in the loop! We'll be right here if you have any questions.


Ver Moderator
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Hi, thanks for the suggestion.


Between loading spotify on my tablet, testing sonos speaker, and also resetting the DNS on my router- it's all working and I'm happy again.



Hi there @Murdertrain,


Thank you for getting back in touch with us and for your confirmation.


We're really glad to hear that everything works as it should for you again 🙂

Let us know if we can help you with anything else.


Take care!

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Live, love, laugh and listen to music 🙂

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