Spotfiy Logs Me Out


Spotfiy Logs Me Out


Alright, so after the most recent update, I was logged out of my Spotify account. I tried to log back in, which worked for all of three seconds before it logged me back out and again and told me my password/username was wrong. It clearly ISN'T, since it allows me to sign in on the desktop version. I've tried it with my full email, I've tried dropping the '' on my email, and of course I've tried my username.


Now, here's what's peculiar. When I try the former two options, it tells me that my password/username is wrong but it STAYS ON THE LOGIN PAGE. When I use my username as usual, it closes the actual login page and takes me back to the login/sign up page with the 'your password or username is wrong' notification. Sometimes it'll let me go on my account for three seconds, it'll say it's on offline mode and then it closes off and goes to the login/sign up page. It's very aggravating since I use my Spotify on a daily basis and I rely on it heavily for my music, so...


I've changed my password, turned my phone off and on but it STILL isn't working. I can't uninstall since I've got a different version of Spotify installed and it lets me choose my songs and skip unlimited times (I have a free account). If I uninstall it I'll have to deal with the 'free' account where I can't choose what I want to listen to (therefore making Spotify useless to me) so, is there any way I might be able to fix it? Or did Spotify's most recent update make it so that I can't use this version anymore?