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Spotify Android App automatically starts when I start playing music through Spotify on my PC. Why??

Spotify Android App automatically starts when I start playing music through Spotify on my PC. Why??

This started in the past few days. I'll hit play on Spotify on my work computer or home computer and it will start it in the background my phone at the same time. How do I stop this from happening please? They appear to be synced but I don't recall setting that up. DID actually get a new phone about a month ago but only recall this happening in the last few days.




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Hi there, welcome to the community.
That's a automatic feature of spotify that allows you to control your music on any device, if you go offline mode on spotify it will stop connect. Hope I've helped.

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It Drains my battery ... empty in 3 hours ??

The only solution is to work offline ?


Is there anyway to disable this horrible "feature".



This is a feature known as 'Connect'. As mentioned it alloows you to see and control wj=hat is playing on other device sort of like a Spotify remote controller.


There is a thread at the top of the Android forum detailing the methods of disabling this if you find it of no value. You can go straight to it here.

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I Want this out of spotify ..... it drives me crazy... i CANNOT answer phonecalls when i use the spotify apps. 



I dont want the spotify app in offline mode because i cannot stream music that way. If spotify keep using this option i stop immediatly my account as of today.

so this problem has been around since 2014. not everyone can root their phone, please stop this feature.

My phone isn't rooted so that's the app taken off my phone - stupid idea

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