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Dangerous bug / Connect starts with Max Volume on AVR

Dangerous bug / Connect starts with Max Volume on AVR


on the first start of Spotify Connect beaming to an AVR it starts with MAXIMUM VOLUME!

This can blow your ears and your speakers, it is realy dangerous not only annoying.


The volume is preset to max, you may notice it on the connect screen and hopefully you are fast enough to reduce it before it blows your ears.


It has nothing to do with the hardware keys, the soft vol control is set to max..


This happens since Spotify Update, before everything was OK.


It is probaly not related to the AVR because it hapens to Denon and Onky devices, please look to


My config:


AVR Onkyo 616 Release 1171-6110-0501 (Onkyo release for Spotify Connect)


Andoid Devs:


1) Acer Iconia Tab 511 Android 4.1.2

2) Huawei G330 Android AOSPA 4.4.4 / ParanoidAndroid 4.6


Please have a quick look on this problem, it is serious.


Thanx for your help



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Same Problem here, Onkyo TX NR414 and the same Spotify version app. Happened at 11:30PM... Please Fix, this is a very dangerous bug as said...



Same here, with Onkyo nr636 and brand new Klipsch speakers. I'm very upset, Spotify did it to me last midnight and everyone woke up in the house. My luck was(and the speakers') that the max. volume is reduced to level 50 so the speakers survived, but this is a ridiculous bug. I'm not a developer but i guess that would probably a change of 5-10 rows in the code. Please Spotify, fix this a.s.a.p.

Thank you!


One of your subscribers

I have a denon and it seems to me that it starts with current avr volume which can be pretty high depending on the source you were listening before.
Understanding this can be important for developers, I will try to escalate this problem.

Similar threads are these:

Please add kudos and posts to these threads to push the problem to Spotify developers.

Thank you for your help.

Same problem with Spotify on my Onkyo TX nr616. Problem is seriously damaging my ears and my speakers. It scares the **bleep** out of me. I use spotify with bluetooth in my car and there my media sound needs to be on max. I turn this volume down when I get out of the car but still somehow the spotify app puts it on max again. I really do this carefully especially when this happened once. But still it is not enough! I read this problem on several messages with different brands of AVR so this is a very DANGEROUS BUG in spotify connect. Please add something in setup to set default volume whenever you change devices with connect.


december 13 2016: I don't know what the solution is, but I don't have this problem anymore.


I know it sounds strange, but re-applying the latest firmware has resolved this issue for me. (I own an Onkyo TX-NR414 / HT-R758). After re-applying the firmware the issue hasn't occured anymore for over a month now.

Same problem here. (Onkyo)

Very annoying!

Have been like this for a long time.


Also experiencing this.

Updating the firmware of the receiver worked for me

I also still have this problem. Also with al the latest updates from denon (AVR 2400H) and spotify (IOS).


(just notice this is a android group, but still it is a big problem that needs to be fixed. For now I won't be using spotify connect because it is to dangerous)

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